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    14.2 project with spares.

    Has it sold yet? Thanks Mark
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    Corrosion concealed in the Mast

    Thanks for the feedback, a Hobie Float it is..
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    Corrosion concealed in the Mast

    Mike, How did it go? I was thinking about sealing my mast with spray foam to prevent turtleing. Do you think that will cause corrosion problems? thanks Mark
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    DIY - Centerboard lift cam cleat -> ankle protectors

    Like to sail, I am restoring an 85 mod 1 and would love to upgrade my centerboard lift system as opposed to repairing it. Can you send some pictures showing the upgrade? thanks Mark
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    Coated shrouds or plain?

    Thanks for the response That makes sense, I guess I will be patient and order from Catalina. Here is a picture of the pvc on my shroud. As I looked at it I understand what its purpose is however I don't have a clue as to what its called. My picture is not the best (it was too bright to see...
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    Coated shrouds or plain?

    I just purchased a 1986 14.2 as my first sailboat, the forestay has a couple of kinks and I have no idea of the condition of the shrouds. I called Catalina to try to order with a credit card and they said they don't take orders by phone, mail it. So I checked a sail shop as I could have them...
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    Self taught sailor

    :eek: Who's had the experience of going on a lake with book knowledge only and learning to sail. I recently purchased a 14.2 and day by day she is getting closer to seaworthy. I had planned on taking a class in March but my "Captain" has informed me Easter weekend is not an acceptable time...
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    How do I find it Warren I have looked and I can't find the post in the "archieves" can you help? thanks Mark
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    :rolleyes: Well after 52 years as a landluber I have made the plunge. I just purchased a 1985 mod 1. Aside from halyards, sheets and bunkboards she is in surprisingly good shape. I ordered my 14.2 manual which I am anxiously awaiting. My hatch is missing, but I understand on a mod 1 its...
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    Looking For Used Main Sail

    Congrats :) If you don't mind me asking, how much do decent used sails go for? thanks Mark