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    Where to buy a 8.1 in Canada

    Hey, I've been looking to purchase an 8.1 here in Canada. I tried ordering through JDE Marine which sells them out of Edmonton, but they wont respond to my emails. So I then looked at Intensity, and they are out of stock. Where do you recommend me to get one from? Thanks much, -Spencer
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    JC strap (again...)

    look at the closer boat at 1:49...
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    perfect solution to leaky hull

    it will be really slow because of the lots of added weight, and the foam will soak up water, and will eventually become unbearable just find the leak, and fix it properly... that's my suggestion
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    if you're going to try this, be very careful... a little bit of pressure can rip your boat apart at the seams
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    Laser Training

    you definitely need more roll, the pump you're getting is barely anything... just try to work on getting more roll
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    Life of a Laser

    my boat (sail#11146) is still really fast and i can keep up with most of the new boats, bu it hasnt had much use for its age, and is still stiff
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    Life of a Laser

    there are many factors, suchas if you're in salt or freash water, if you take care of it, wind conditions etc... give us some more information
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    My parents wanted to make me more cultured