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    Roller ramp

    I don't have any expertise to offer. But I'd guess you'd want your roller spaced apart (width of your ramp) about as far as the bunks on a trailer. And along the ramp, you'll want the boat to always be in contact with some number of roller pairs (at least 3?) so they need to be set every ~3...
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    How slow can you go? combines several decent forecast algorithms and lets you put your marker wherever you want. No wind prediction is perfect but if you look at all 5 or so models on windy you can usually trust that the truth will be with one of them.
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    How slow can you go?

    I asked that same question during my first season with the capri and the answer I got was something like, "If there are ripples on the water, you can sail" And that proved to be true. You might end up sitting on a mirror for a few minutes during a lull, but as long as the light puffs come...
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    Why is this sub-forum so dead? Where are all the 14.2 owners??

    Is there a little "<" near the left end of the menu bar? Try clicking on that. I see the sailing forums logo, then the word forums, then C14.2, Laser, Sunfish, etc. On one end there is a "<" or ">". clicking on those scrolls the menu bar. Maybe yours is scrolled to the right far enough...
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    Have you ever tried loosening these 2 screws on your 14.2's mast?

    It does sound like you might need to lower that stop a few inches. I wonder if the original owner rested the gooseneck on the lower stop and used the higher stop to keep the gooseneck from rising.
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    Have you ever tried loosening these 2 screws on your 14.2's mast?

    Yes, if I lowered the stop, the gooseneck would sit lower in the slot. But I'd have to lower the boomkicker's lower mount as well-- and I don't remember if there is room below its current location for that. Regardless, I like the boom higher in the boat, rather than lower, so that there is...
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    Have you ever tried loosening these 2 screws on your 14.2's mast?

    I have a boomkicker, so my gooseneck rests on a stop with a strap eye. A line is tied from the strap eye to the stirup of the boomkicker. I use a similar stop above the gooseneck to keep the gooseneck from riding up the slot and falling out of the mast when the sail is lowered--(the boom will...
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    Did you name your Capri?

    Mine came with a name: Sundaze. We haven't come up with any reason to change it.
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    gooseneck... upside down?

    Mine is rigged in the same orientation as yours. I remember you question coming up somewhere else here but don't remember what the response was. I haven't used a thumbscrew stop to keep the gooseneck from rising up when the sail is down or cunningham off but you certainly could. Here's a...
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    Damaged the bow loop

    Ouch. What caused that? I don't have one of those loops on my boat -- just the bow chainplate. Your hull number is probably on the transom. My '85 has a metal nameplate but the hull number on that is impossible to read. But the number is also hand engraved in the gel coat just below the...
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    1988 Capri 14.2 Owners Manual & Catalina Yachts General Handbook

    If you can contort yourself into the cuddy far enough to see under the cockpit benches you'll see huge styrofoam blocks. Those are what keep the boat from being sinkable. I haven't tested mine.
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    Help with Centerboard Downhaul Attachment ...

    I checked this morning. Mine looks exactly like caprintx's. It is through-bolted. Looks like the eye is ~3/16" thick. Using your hiking strap bracket sounds like a better idea.
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    Help with Centerboard Downhaul Attachment ...

    Mine's not very complicated. I'll try to remember to look closely at it tonight, but I think it's just a brass eye barely big enough to fit the brass clasp through. I don't think it's thru bolted-- at least not all the way through the transom-- but I'll try to check that too. My boat is a...
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    Trailer Recommendations for Capri 14.2?

    Out of curiosity, how much did it cost for a new trailer?