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    Weighted Centerboard?

    2016 Update on the Weighted centerboard. The boat has been in water since '09 and there are no delamination or other issues with centerboard. There are a few barnacles on boat and cb. I am moving to a Catalina 16.5K or C. Which means I will have to do another weighted centerboard if I do not...
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    Easy to capsize?

    This is a pretty old thread but you should know that Catalina makes a 14.2 with a fixed keel that is used in many rental fleets. It is self righting so you don't need a hobie bob and as stable as a dinghy can get. When buying a boat please remember that salesmen will say anything to get you to...
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    Expo 14.2

    Issue number 98 of the Small Craft Advisor has an article of how to make and install a foam turtling preventer to the top of a mast. It also shows where to get the mast top float. It is the most recent issue available at West Marine and Barnes & noble.
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    Bimini on an expo/capri?

    I have put biminis on 12' and 14' sailboats. In the 12 I had to have the sail modified. In the 14 i had to make sure the sail was all the way up the Mast. The trick it to modify the bimini so it is lower than boom and us a 5' Bimini that clears the sheets and the haul cleat.
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    Chemically bonded hull separation

    They usually use 5200. There is a debonding agent for it.
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    Expo 14.2

    Enjoy. Always wear a life preserver on an unballasted boat or be ready for a swim and rescue.
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    Help for uprighting a capsized Catalina 14

    wear a life preserver and carry a floatation seat. pull the mast up with mainsheet, tie the floatation seat to tip of mast to keep it afloat, swim back to boat and stand on centerboard tip. Once the mast is horizontal it should come up a lot easier. If there are two persons on can lift the...
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    Help for uprighting a capsized Catalina 14

    Mast acts as a keel to keep boat upside down A big problem with capsized boat is the mast. The mast tends to fill up with water and act like a keel to keep boat upside down. Sealing the mast or filling with foam will keep mast from acting like a keel. Another problem is that some boats...
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    Lifting with Davit

    I hang a 14.5ft, 360# sailboat off a pair of 500# capacity davits from my dock. One davit grabs bow from bow eye and the other has a y that grabs stern from both sides thru a pair of bow eyes bolted to stern on each side of stern about 18" from centerboard. It is pretty stable . You can make...
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    Outboard Motor or Paddle?

    It's night and day the difference. Less weight, cables, no battery charging or storing and It moves boat at idle faster than a Minn Kota 55# thrust. BTDT. It also does not die on you half way there. Just make sure to stabilize fuel and crank it at least once every 3 mos. To get any kinda...
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    To Furl or Not to Furl

    Roller Furling jib installation I have instructions and a diagram of how to install the Jib furler on a 14' sailboat in Jpeg if interested.
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    To Furl or Not to Furl

    Thas da one! That's the one. You have to get the swivel for it also. they sell two pcs seprate.
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    To Furl or Not to Furl

    Barton Furlers Search I had a link to it at but cannot find it. You can order it from the UK. The current exchange rate is about $1.30 per UK# or Euro. It is the...
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    To Furl or Not to Furl

    Roller rurler They sell it at Defender but is hard to find. I will check. I lost the link.. If you keep you boat with mast up, once you've had a roller furler you will not go back to hank-ons. When it gets windy it is so much easier to furl the jib than fight it.. You will love it.
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    homemade boat lift

    Scissors lift. There is a galvanized scissors boat lift for all size boats available. It sits on bottom and cranks up or down to remove boat from water. I forgot the brand but I have seen it at the site. It is not very expensive and seems to work in salt water. You might want to...