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    Laser Line Plans or Technical Drawings

    Hello Chris... In the past I have searched a long time for such a thing without much luck... The best I could find was in the class handbook which you get every year if you are a member...Hope this helps a little...
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    Keeping the daggerboard down

    Hello Alan, Thanks for always replying to these rules questions....The last sentence of the rule states "Attachment can be by knots or loops in the shock cord, and/or tie lines". Doesn't this mean that you can attach the shock with a tie line?
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    Tiller dimension and passenger

    I shortened up a tiller for carrying a second person. The tiller is 34 inches and the extension is 36. It works fine though we've never raced in tandem. With a little practice you can tack without clubbing your crew.
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    hiking bench dimensions

    Here is my very simple and very effective Laser hiking bench. It will work all the muscles you use while hiking as well as some others. The closer you move the ball to the crosspost the more you will work the thighs. It also does a nice job on the core muscles in the lower back. Also improves...
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    Bottleport location

    Hi folks, I want to install the famous "Bottleport" on my boat. I want to determine which location might be the best. Now that it has been out for awhile people have probably had enough experience with it to lend some good advice. I presently don't have any inspection ports on my boat so it...
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    The creator speaks

    Hi 'Lu' This is a great interview. Thanks kindly for posting it. Is part 3 out there somewhere or has it not yet been published ?..........S. Bottom
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    Laser Race vs XD

    If the Laser Race and the Laser XD were both new would it then be worth the extra $$ for the XD ?
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    Laser Race vs XD

    I'm sure if you collected ~180 boats from other people, there would be a few with issues. How many of those ~180 would be sailed as hard as the ones at World's? few, if any. Even if 4 had the blocks rip out (I think it was 3 or 4, maybe 5, can't remember exactly), that's only 7.2%. I believe...
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    who wants laser t-shirts?

    The Laser logo is actually lifted from the international symbol to warn when a laser is being used in the vicinity..See this site for a good example It seems to me that you could print the "laser" symbol as much as you wanted just like you...
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    Size of mark zones

    I have been reading the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing and I was wondering how people felt about rule 86.1(b)..This refers to the size of the zone around marks..As I understand it the zone is now three hull lengths but can be changed to two or four by the racing committee. What are your...
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    My Longfellows are showing

    The old skipper was known as a nut, 'Cause his laser was stashed in a hut. From inside he'd go sailing, And you'd oft' hear him wailing, " I just don't want a wet butt !" The Laser had death rolled the sailor, And his finger got stuck in the bailer. There was no danger of drowning, Since...
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    Mainsheet wear

    Thaks...I won't worry about my 4 year old Rooster then...
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    Mainsheet wear

    Hi folks...How do you determine when you need a new mainsheet ?...How long do they generally last ?...Should you worry about how they are stored ?