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    Capsize Recovery

    YOu're certainly not going to break the board off- YOu can if you get the mast stuck in the mud however... The best way to not tip over is to keep the floaty part (the hull) under the part that wants to tip (the mast). Sounds obvious... but downwind -when it's really blowing the dog off the...
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    Bowed Mast

    Straightening Your Rig. The mast section on the Capri 14 is pretty thick and heavy relative to many other dinghy classes. Your mast should not be bent like it is. It should be perfectly straight. Most classes in fact prohibit a permanent bend in the mast. To straighten your rig you'll want a...
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    I'm looking for a used Jib in good condition.

    I have a jib. I have a jib in excellent condition. Only used twice. I'll sell it for 150. check out the photo on It's the brightly colored one. Very neon. The sail is class legal. I'll install a window in the sail if you like for free. Call at (805)479-6122.
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    Looking For Used Main Sail

    A lengthy reply. Well just like with most things you do get what you pay for. I acquire and sell dozens of used sails every year. Granted I'm a sailmaker but I think that for dinghys most people would benefit most from buying brand new sails. You can get a brand new full set of Capri sails for...
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    Looking For Used Main Sail

    Capri 14.2 Sails I have Capri 14 sails for sale. They are totally 80's- Flourescent colors and everything. Only used twice. Jib and Main. They were a prototype set used for building a race set. So they are almost brand new. Photos on Listed under sails. $400 for the set...