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    Another twist in the UK tale

    Sorry, for all the questions but was wondering: Would boats made for the worlds have greater potential for quality issues? I'm assuming hey have to lay up a large number in a relatively short amount of time, and the boats only need to make it through that event... Not saying anyone has any...
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    All about to kick off....

    Lower the price, sell more, make up for lower margins through higher volume?
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    Laser Downwind - High Wind

    Also maybe sit further back. so when the gust hits the stern stays down and you get better steering response, I think daggerboard partially down also helps with steerage
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    Best Hikers? Let's hear your thoughts...

    I have a pair of mustos, don't wear any shorts over them and the battens are starting to wear through in three places at the tips, near the top of my thigh. --- I've only worn them about 10 times. Heard the SEA are good, plan on trying those next.
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    It goes about the survival of the class..........

    Seems like this has mostly been between Kirby and LP, and the ILCA has just gotten caught in the crossfire? Hope the ILCA can work something out with the Kirby Torch so we can continue to benefit from the world class sailing opportunities the ILCA has been offering amateur sailors from juniors...
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    rooster 8.1 rig

    Thanks jeffers I haven't seen the tuning guide and it explains a lot! going to give it a go next time out.
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    rooster 8.1 rig

    I'm not that heavy 78kg and got one for light winds. Take this with a grain of salt as I am no expert, or maybe my sail is cut differently but I noticed that there was a big crease running along the luff (near the top to bottom along the mast) and the only way I found to get that out was to...
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    Polishing Foils

    All else equal, anyone have any thoughts about how much time fairing foils will save for every hour sailed?
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    fitness and laser sailing

    The laser is definitely a physical boat to sail, especially if you want to be competitive. So to compete and stay injury free, one of the biggest commitments i made is to my health and fitness. Also like you said boat speed is a big factor. if your boat handling is good and you are fit, there is...
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    Zhik Power Pads

    Oops, thanks for that! Sorry I missed your thread. Look forward to your impressions.
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    Zhik Power Pads

    Not trying to hijack this thread, but thinking about getting a pair of these (image attached) Has anyone tried them?
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    Boat leaking

    Did you put enough soap in the water and get enough pressure from the pump? When I tried it the first time, i didn't use enough water... I found that a thinner mix applied very liberally bubbled up easier. I also noticed that when I pulled the bike pump (nozzle wrapped in electric tape to form...
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    Bent spar

    My radial bottom section is bent too, only used it about 6 times. Though i did take it out in a 30 + knot day ... Couldn't manage to keep it moving closed hauled but had some amazing reaches!
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    laser electrical system

    Can't wait! :)
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    Another twist in the UK tale

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does having the Olympic insignia make a sail not class legal?