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    (2) Lasers wanted OK condition for my kids to practice on

    Chris, Are you still looking for a Laser. I just posted an ad in the Laser For Sale Ads. 1979 Laser I. Radial and standard set ups and all hardware to sail. I live in Central PA and would consider driving for the sale. Susan
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    Looking for a Laser near Ohio

    Chuck, I have a Lazer that is older and in good shape. I also have both masts styles. I live in Central PA and would be willing to meet you somewhere if you are interested. I can get pictures if you like. Susan
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    Which drain plug?

    Thanks everyone. I got a new assembly and replacement plugs and I will see what works. Thanks for the help. slg14
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    Which drain plug?

    Thank you, John. I will check and post again. slg14
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    Which drain plug?

    I am a Laser newbie (got a Laser, my first boat, for Christmas, at age 56) and found out the hard way that my very old Laser did not have a drain plug in the stern. For Lasers that are more than 20 years old, will the current drain plugs on the market fit my old Laser? Thanks.:)