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    Daysailing modifications, improvements, gadgets.

    Works great I bought the 16" one. Works great too. Might have bought the 33" one to have a bigger slope for the snow to fall off the cover. BTW, heard that "Barkeepers Friend" works great to great of scunge on the water line. Same active ingredient that West...
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    Transporting the thing....

    Securing it to the trailer I have a "Bandit" trailer. I normally just put a big "girth" strap about 3 inches wide that I put around the aft part of the boat secured to the trailer. Then I attach a strap from the racheted boat wench through the nose plate. Do you guys add more strap than this to...
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    Daysailing modifications, improvements, gadgets.

    Great stuff. What the solution for the mast up forward if you don't have a trailer extension. Also, where do you put the boom. One last question, anyone have "el cheapo" boat cover solution with a draw string. I can't bring myself to spend nearly $400 on a "beanbag" coat cover. I am sure...
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    When you trailer a 14.2, can you leave the Mast attached to the Mast Step and just lay it flat, or does it stick out too far aft? And if you have to disattach it, how do you lay the mast on the boat. I saw the photo of the PVC pipe, but what do you do up forward? Thanks
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    Reefing test

    Works great Got my reef, right below the lowest batten. Also centered the traveler with two knots, like it says in the handbook, and it feels like I have a new boat. Pointed way higher, and went out in a nice 15-20 knot blow by myself, and it was no big deal. I had to dump sheet maybe one time...
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    Reefing test

    Thanks Your post reminds me a day when I was paragliding in San Diego. It was a "thermally" day, probably inappropriate to be paragliding, but my family had come to watch me, so... I launched, and commenced to get pounded and thrown around somewhat. It took me a while to get back to the...
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    Clevis Pin Question

    When you are rigging your shrouds, should the Flat (Big) side of the Clevis pin, holding the shrouds together, be inboard or outboard? It seems to me that you don't want the wire ring taking all the force of the shroud tension when its a working shroud upwind. Thanks, Michael
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    Reefing test

    Reefing question Just curious. In the Catalina handbook, there is a description of a "Mainsail Slab Reefing." It in the diagram, it shows putting the reef in only 2'3" up the main. Yet I have seen others telling me to put the reef 4' up, just below the lowest batten. I am assuming the...
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    Reefing test

    Ordered the kit Thanks a bunch, I ordered the kit. BTW, it cost me $90 to get the sail reefed in Havre de Grace. Kent at Catalina told me that they don't have a reefing kit for sale at Catalina. He thought they did. Thanks again, Michael
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    Reefing test

    Reefing Kit Talked to Catalina technical who told me they had a "reefing kit" for the 14.2, but they needed to see what the individual part numbers were. Parts has no idea and doesn't know what would compromise a "reefing kit." I have seen I need: 1. Cheek block (1) 2. Jam cleats (2)...
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    Hobie Flotation Device Saw this on Hobie's Catalogue. They show multiple flotation Devices. Anyone know which one fits on the 14.2 Mast?
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    Catalina's Responsiveness??

    Just a quick question to the forum about the level of responsiveness you all get when calling Catalina for parts/technical assistance. I emailed Catalina parts and asked for some assistance. They kicked it up to techical, which gave asked me to supply some info, which I did, and I have never...
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    Daysailing Sail Recommendations ?

    One other thing How far up the sail would you recommend putting in reef points? Thanks, Michael
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    Daysailing Sail Recommendations ?

    Photo of Reefing setup Does anyone have a photo of the reefing set-up for the main? Also, how many reef points does anyone recommend for the main? And last question, is there a place to buy a sail cover for the main so I can leave it on there over night instead of having to rerig it...
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    Parts Question

    My piece WAS fiberglass; I obliterated it trying to remove it. ;) That's why I need a new one. I have asked the guys at Catalina the name of it, and they don't know. I just hope they send the right thing.