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    New race sail $495

    North. To be clear it is 6 years old but never used and it has been folded
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    New race sail $495

    Unsoiled full size racing sail class legal with the button for $495 plus shipping. Or you can pick it up in columbus ohio.
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    Blue laser for sale, Ohio $2000

    email for pictures, I think its a 1985 with trailer and all the upgrades that are available.
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    For Sale: Full rig Laser

    PM with email and I can send pics and what info I know. If you live in Columbus area I would sugest coming to see it. I think its in great condition. Lots of upgrades and a few extras.
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    For Sale: Full rig Laser

    Full rig Laser for sale in Columbus Ohio. Respond for details.
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    1985 for sale

    1985 Laser with all the upgrades, Kittyhawk trailer, Cover, practice sail, and class sail. Solid deck and no leaks. $3100.
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    I have seen several posts with regard to weight and sailing the full rig. Just wondering if it would make sense or even matter if you added ballast to bring your weight up to 185lbs or optimum weight for the full rig? Maybe even take on some water in the cockpit for the same effect. Anyone have...
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    Sail Reconditioning; is it worth it?

    I am wondering how anyone would be able to tell it was reconditioned?
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    Boom falls off when rigging

    Not all bucko's who own a Laser race in regattas or race at all. They just might like to sail just to be sailing. By the way, I was distinguished from a boy a long time ago; little sister.
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    Where does Ross get his funds?

    Just wondering where Ross gets all his financial backing? It seems like his pat answer to anyones problems is to go and buy whatever it is. He must be from the OC. I am fairly new to the forum and understand he is a student who has Laser political ambition. I personally wouldnt vote for that...
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    Boom falls off when rigging

    Its not a case of cant afford to buy new parts or knowing how to deal with it. Its a matter of its an annoying event that slows me down rigging the boat in the parking lot. It may be that the plug is a little sloppy, the boat is over 20 years old. That doesnt matter to me, if I cared about...
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    Boom falls off when rigging

    The hole would be in the end of the gooseneck pin with a 3/16 tension pin through it protruding both sides 1/8th inch. The plastic plug would have two slots filed in the recieving hole 1/8th inch deep the same width as tension pin 90 degrees from the gooseneck pin alignment. Thus you could...
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    Boom falls off when rigging

    A $1 modification that would make my day easy. Maybe I can get it class approved and sell it for $20. Total kit would include pin and drill bit.
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    Mainsheet wrapping transom prevention

    I was hoping to learn from your design. I was going to start with just putting clear packing tape on for the initial trials and then go from there. Where did you see the one from Laser?