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    Outboard Motor or Paddle?

    I just want to clarify some misconceptions about the Honda 2HP, because there is some info on this forum that suggests that it is expensive and can't be layed on it's side for transportation, which almost made me go the electric route initially. You can lay it on it's side in the back of the...
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    Outboard Motor or Paddle?

    I definitely wouldn't trade my 27-pound Honda 2HP 4-stroke motor for a lead acid battery, electric motor, cables, and necessity to charge. WAY too much clutter/weight/modification/and work.
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    Trade 1990 Centerboard version for Keel version

    I've got a 1990 Mod 2 14.2 centerboard version in great condition with galvanized trailer in Northern California that I'm hoping to trade with someone that has a 14.2K, or something similar. I carefully maintain both the boat and trailer. Has a Mod 3 Catalina motor mount, but other than that...
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    Seeking Advice on Buying C14.2

    I hear what others are saying about the price being too high, but its time and effort vs. money when you are shopping out-of-state for a better deal. How much is it going to cost you to drive to California and back? How long is that going to take you. Maybe it's worth $500 more to have it...
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    boat cover wanted

    I use a Walmart "D" size cover for storing my boat on the trailer with the mast on the mast carrier. This makes a nice tent so the water rolls off. It is cheap and effective. The fit is flexible enough that you can usually deal with any strange situations. To make it a super-tight fit I use...
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    Wanted: Weighted Centerboard

    I'm looking for a weighted (steel) centerboard to replace the original centerboard on my 1990 Mod 2. I know this is a shot in the dark, but if anyone has one they made and are not using, or if anyone wants to make me one for cash, I would be very interested. I mostly single-hand the boat and...
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    APS Mast float real-world test

    The jib wasn't fouled in such a way that I couldn't have just pulled the roller furler line and just pulled it in out of the way -- I was just being stupid! I can reach it easily with the tiller extension, and it only takes one hand to do, whereas untying a line takes 2 hands usually. I...
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    Trailer tire pressure?

    I went to 50 lbs and didn't notice a difference in trailer handling, but the contact patch is definitely smaller. The tire is fairly rounded and it's only using about 50% of the width of the tire now.
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    APS Mast float real-world test

    I got my APS mast floats as an alternative to the Baby Bob last Friday and went out to the Redwood City estuary / south SF bay on Saturday. There was a small craft advisory in place, so I knew it would be windy. It wasn't any stronger than about 15 kts when I was out there though. I was out...
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    Is Fleet Active?

    I was wondering that myself but I don't think so. I think it was run out of this place: I went out there and they have 5 to 7 Capri 14.2's in various states of repair. You can rent them for $22 / hr. I rented one before I bought mine to make sure I would...
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    Trailer tire pressure?

    The tires on my trailer list the weight limit at 60 PSI. When I got the boat the tires were inflated to about 30 PSI and everything seemed fine when trailering. I now run at 40 PSI but I've seen other posts where people mention 50 and 60. Seems like that would make for a rougher ride back...
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    Baby Bob Mount

    I was wondering how you mount your windex with that setup? I was originally going to go that way but ended up ordering mast floats from APS because of the windex issue. Has anyone solved that issue?