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    2002 Sunfish for sale Springfield, Il

    I had a blue race model sunfish listed on this site and it has sold. The red sunfish on this posting is still available. It is not a race model, but it has a ratchet block and has won several races - even against the other race model. I can send pics, just reply with your email. Thanks
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    Sunfish wanted from any state

    See my two ads for sunfish on this site - 2002 and 2008.
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    4.7 bottom section and sail - $250, free shipping

    Still available?
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    2002 Sunfish for sale Springfield, Il

    The 2002 Sunfish sail is a colorful Northsail, but not the race type with window. Standard recreational rigging, no downhaul or outhaul. Newer cover and sparbag No dolly. I have a 2008 race model with all those attachments also listed on Sailingforum- It has the downhaul, outhaul, rachet...
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    2002 Sunfish for sale Springfield, Il

    Garage kept 2002 Sunfish in great shape. Includes all rigging, daggerboard, tiller with extension. Includes 1 year old cover. Paired diagonal red stripes on hull. Colorful red sail. Great boat - Asking $2000.00. Several Pics available.
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    2006 Laser Radial - hardly used - will deliver

    Still for sail? Thanks
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    Update with Pictures 2012 Laser XD - New $5000

    Still for sail?