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    Will I hurt my boat by leaving it moored for a few days?

    lucky devil where in maine are you? i'm in n. yarmouth, keep the laser on the lake up in leeds
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    Open 60 Laser

    how do you know all that ross
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    Laser Class Changes

    so what are the chances of changing one? they sound pretty slim
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    Open 60 Laser

    that's an awesome idea. you could also get a motor mount and a small (5 or less hp) outboard
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    Ribecca for President!

    on-topicness no longer exists here
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    Hull Bleaching

    but just normal flatout chlorox straight from the container? is that ok?
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    Building a Dolly?

    i lost the auction at the last second! d@mn
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    Hull Bleaching

    Over the past few years my hull has gotten considerably yellower, according to the previous owner. I intend to bleach the hull to rewhite (not sure of the right term) it. I asked around at my club and got the same general answer, but I thought I'd ask the really experienced guys just to make...
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    Building a Dolly?

    i didn't jump for building one because I figured something like that would happen, i kept my eyes on ebay and amazon until i found something that worked
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    that's true
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    Bought a Laser!!! :D

    was that an intentional thing, or did you just get that name by chance?
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    Laser run over by tour boat

    i can drink to that, even though i'm not 21
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    Stiffness of Spars

    Re: Spar stifness - England wouldn't that be a distinct impossibility?
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    Re-rigging my boat... Buy from Whom??

    what're the chances?
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    Building a Dolly?

    found this thread while cleaning out my email inbox, thought i'd let everyone know i found a dolly oh, and not that anyone cares, but it's my little brother's photobucket acct. i just know his password