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    New to sailing - new to the 14.2 - can I do this?

    2-Cents Worth 1) Spend some time sailing in the morning or whenever it's calm to get used to the boat. 2) Keep the boat flat. If it's too hard to do solo, ease the main as necessary. It heels over pretty far before it flips so unless there are really strong gusts, you should have plenty...
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    Neve sailed - hoping to buy a Laser - thoughts for me?

    Hello Kevin, Though it sounds weird, I think your skating skills will really help you learn how to sail a Laser quickly (at least balancing it -- the tricky part). I'm a former figure skater (and incidentally, an engineer) and noticed how isntinctively I learned to balance the boat even in...
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    Should I buy a C14?

    I used to do a lot of sailing as a kid and now that my kids fell head over heels in love with sailing last summer, I'm feeling a little left out. I've been borrowing a C14 from the club, keeping my kids company in their Sabots but I thought it might be fun to buy a boat and get back into...