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    Sunfish mast good condition. Photos on request

    Mast has no problems. I lost the hull in storm
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    Sunfish mast

    Sure. Just let me know when you are back in the area.
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    Sunfish mast

    Used sunfish mast. Excellent condition. One owner. A spare rarely used
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    Wanted: Good condition Race Sail

    I have a very good shape racing sail, with window. Raced 4 years, then only once or twice the last 10 years. Stored inside the entire time. Hull was lost so selling the sail, rudder and centerboard. Sail is in southern New Jersey. thanks
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    old rudder assembly brass parts

    the postage was 6.25. Mailed 7/3/07. When your receive it, the address is Joe Mallon 424 $2nd Street Avalon, NJ 08202 Glad to help your friend. I threw in a extra pin and boom cap that I found. Good luck.
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    old rudder assembly brass parts

    I will send via US Postal Service tomorrow. Good luck.
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    Old Sunfish Restoration (rudder, hull flex)

    I have the old rudder assembly parts from a previous conversion. You are welcome to them for free. I just posted under For Sale for free. let me know
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    old rudder assembly brass parts

    Have old rudder brass ( converted years ago). Free for pickup or just pay shipping. Hope someone can use the parts.