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    ISO Complete Sunfish with Trailer NE Indiana

    I am located in Columbia City, Indiana. I am in search of a complete Sunfish in excellent, ready-to-sail condition with a trailer. Contact me via text at 260-341-7205 or via email at Thanks
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    Sunfish Wanted Northeast Indiana

    In search of a complete used Sunfish sailboat. Must be in ready-to-sail condition with a dry hull and a trailer that I can pull with a Volvo wagon. A freshwater boat is preferred. My 10 year old son would prefer a blue boat with a colorful striped sail, while overall condition is my primary...
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    Two Complete Sunfish With Trailer

    If still available and in the condition you described, I will give you $800 for each boat plus a reasonable amount for the trailer. I'm not sure what it's worth. See my reply below. Thanks.
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    Two Complete Sunfish With Trailer

    Are your boats still for sale? I am ready to buy and live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm ready to pay fair market value for 1979 Sunfish. What it the weight of the trailer with both boats? What size hitch is required? Thanks. Text works best for me @ 260-341-7205.
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    Complete Sunfish Sailboat Wanted in Northeast Indiana

    I am in search of a complete Sunfish sailboat in Northeast Indiana (Angola, 30 miles north of Fort Wayne). Must be in very good condition and ready to sail. I'm not concerned with minor cosmetic issues, but a dry boat with rigging, mast, boom, sail, daggerboard, rudder, tiller, and all parts...
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    Two complete Sunfish with trailer

    I am located in Northeast Indiana and I am interested in these boats if they are still available. Please contact Sidney at or text at 260-341-7205. Thanks