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    Unfortunate Learning Video

    It not like there is not a bunch of good videos on how to do it right. That was just so wrong. I cringed throughout the video.
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    Quick release gooseneck materials???

    So I have a question.... The boat companies sell a quick release gooseneck for the Sunfish. As best I can tell it is a just a $10 bicycle seat quick release I take off of bikes I find in the trash. These do not last well in the...
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    Race Sails?

    My sons will be racing in sanctioned events. Class legal is important to me.
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    Race Sails?

    Already have a bid on one sail. Figure I have all winter. Just thought I would ask here too.
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    This is an interesting video.

    I have to add my comment was based on his comments on how to sit in the boat. I think he was being serious and I cring after having the sailing instructor yell at me regularly for not sitting forward on the cockpit. Now everytime I see someone not sitting forward on a sunfish that is all the...
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    NEW JERSEY Race Sails?

    Looking for halfway decent race sails with windows for next season. Next year my youngest wants to try racing and I would like to switch to a race sail on my boat. I have gotten just good enough to find my recreational sail is just slow enough and trys to hard to turn into a strong wind that I...
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    This is an interesting video.

    He clearly does not know how to sail a sunfish.
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    Early sunfish Tapered Mast, does anyone need one??

    I just bought a pile of parts. Mostly laser rudder, dagger board and some mast stuff. There were also a nice set of booms (spares for my 3 fish) and a tapered mast with a block at the top. A quick search indicates that mast would be from 1959 or so. Is this something people might want for...
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    New to this. Never sailed sunfish before and going racing

    Sailing a sunfish is more about the dance in the cockpit. First off, stay forward in the cockpit- at least that is what the very experience fish sailors in the club tell me constantly. Now thats out of the way.. As a very new, this was my third year, sailor what I found improved my sailing on...
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    Would you sail your Sunfish (or small sailboat) in this lake?

    I would ask locals if there are stumps or objects that you can get the dagger board caught on otherwise, why not?
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    Question: brown stains on hull

    I just saw Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner in action 2 weeks ago. I bought some. Also Mr Clean white sponge things. Probably other solutions, I am just learning.
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    1975 Laser, what’s holding the screws for rudder bracket??

    I patched the side today. The before is sanded out feathered down. To help hold the pieces level I put a sheet metal screw in the middle of small pieces of paint stirrer. I cut a couple of larger gaps at the break and put hot glue on the stirrer wood. Then slide the wood behind. That kept the...
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    1975 Laser, what’s holding the screws for rudder bracket??

    Decided to take off the old repairs. No attempt to feather edges and bring the surfaces level. They filled it and put a layer of mat over it. I am not done with prep. I am going to put a screw the “tongue” that sits a little low to bring it up level. Then glass it up. This side repair really...
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    1975 Laser, what’s holding the screws for rudder bracket??

    I love your use of the metric system even realizing I am stuck in the wonderful US of A where we dont do that metric stuff cause we are the greatest something. :) Yes, I have metric tape measure and yes I go both ways. Just less used to the better metric way. I got 370mm to the bottom.