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    What life jacket to wear?

    The more expensive ones have zipper pockets. Try before you buy is the key. I have a better quality West Marine Kayak type.
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    Boom Repairs, quick and easy.

    At my yacht club I have been fixing the booms where the 2 hooks are in the front. I have 3 or 4 boats now where the bolt came out the front. The aluminum corroded to the point where no material was left forward of the bolt. Some had been like that for a while. Duct tape seems to work for a...
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    Recently bought an older Sunfish, confusion over the Tiller (and lack of extension)

    I am finding the 33" tiller extensions may be a bit too long unless you are always going to be hanging over the edge.
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    Securing the edges of the hull when launching the Sunfish

    Can you put the sunfish on the downwind side? At our YC we have a ramp into the bay for the small boat. You then have to walk the boats around to the cleatted side which tends to be downwind more or less. You tie off and the wind blows the boat away from the dock. The reality is the boat is...
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    New style hull, no screws holding anything...

    Follow up. I helped the father with it. He cut in the holes. There clearly were aluminum plates at one time, but nothing was moving around inside the hull to be found. We made a trip to ACE hardware. We got a 2" by 48" 3/8" aluminum stock and a bunch of stainless screws and self locking...
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    New style hull, no screws holding anything...

    One of the kids came back from out on the water with his new to the family Sunfish. Nice looking fish with what I learned was recently repainted before they bought it. It looks like a nice paint job. The problem is the loop that holds the halyard came off from the deck. The sheet metal screws...
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    I put a window in my sail.

    Took us about an hour working on a kitchen island (over 6' long). Next one will go faster. ? I took my Sunfish out today. Why do they even make the sail without a window? It is so much safer being able to see.
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    Fiberglass damage

    I just thought of this earlier today. Using one of those fan type inflators used for things like inflatable beds.
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    When it is OK to do less than your best work

    Its a sunfish type boat what does it really need? It needs to keep most of the water out, hold the mast up and rudder on. While the liquid nail might not hold over time, I would not be surprised if a mildly used boat would not go for a few years. There is doing it pretty and getting it done...
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    My yacht club started the youth program, I was helping the kids with their boats.....

    One boat has some line issues and the sail is not tied to the booms properly. They bought a new rudder, tiller, and dagger board for the older boat. The wood was falling apart. The tiller was backordered. So I real quick borrow one from a spare club rudder from a junk fish. Since the kid was new...
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    I put a window in my sail.

    For bit over $40 in materials I got all I needed to put a window in my sail. My fish came with sail that I liked the colors and it was still crisp. I was going to buy a new sail with a window but was pointed to a Sailrite youtube video on installing a window in a Sunfish sail. My wife has a...
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    1979 Sunfish Repairs part II Need More Help

    For about $9 you can get gel coat tints on amazon. Go to Boatworkstoday youtube channel and he has a piece on how to do color matching with gel coat. I suck at it but you can make it look not so bad with some experimenting. Or find a local artist to help you get the color.
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    Fiberglass damage

    There are different ideas on how to do repairs. The areas you show are mostly superficial. The cracks are likey more work to fix then it is worth doing. The areas where the get coat is chipped off should be sanded out so the existing gel coat is tapered into the glass area then filled with...
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    Pintle pin up or down?

    My sons 1980 has the push up type. The bottom end got caught and bent. I went to bend it back and it broke off. I fixed it on my lathe and figured I would flip it. Well that did not work out. Some are push down and some are push up. I have not looked closer at this point to understand it better.
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    How's My Rigging?

    The halyard is just regular rope and it is too thick. Lines used on a sail boat will have a smooth coating. The rope you have will catch more and not let you pull it tight. I have seen various ropes and oversized lines used on the many Sunfish at the club and I can see people struggling with...