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    2009 District 18 Laser Grand Prix

    alright thanks :)
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    2009 District 18 Laser Grand Prix

    results? i cannot find them anywhere
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    Hiking pants

    zhik, zhik, zhik.
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    Charles W Morgan Restoration Photos

    i was just there this past week you can still go inside and watch them work on it its really neat
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    2009 District 18 Laser Grand Prix

    cant wait my brother and i will be attending in radials
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    '05 laser Full or Radial, dolly, etc, Race ready

    is your boat still available? please message me.
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    Zhik Hiking "System"

    the zhik hiking socks are great i hate boots but these save my feet from gettin cut up like kyrcek said. there pretty cheap too!
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    Laser outhaul sleeve/clew thingy.

    i have had the clew sleeve/hook for a few months now and have not had any problems with it slides easily even in light airs the only thing is when installing it i didnt think of sliding it over the mast end of the boom so i bent it open and closed to get it on but o well it works great!!
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    Bayview YC Riverfest and Junior Olympic Festival

    July 4-6 whos going!?! heres the link