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    Need Replacement Pully

    Wd-40 To the best of my knoledge WD-40 wont hurt the poleys unless they are thoughs new advanced ones that arnt suposed to be sprayed with anything. But i would say that you might want to use a better rust stopper then WD-40, maybe try some T-9 or Tri-Flow. (my two cents)
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    new sail

    Is you sail still for sale? I am looking for some used racing sails that are in pretty good shape. Let me know if you scott jib is still for sale. thanks
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    Removing the "tunnel" on a model 2

    My experience I removed the tunnel from my capri a couple of months ago. I had trouble getting off the fiberglass peice that is just above it to allow water to wash over it. But once i got that peice off which took a lot of work becase of the glue used the tunnel came out easily because mine...