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    1986 Catalina Capri w/tilt trailer for sale-Indiana

    We have a 1986 Capri for sale for $1200.00. It's always been stored inside, excellent condition. All rigging and sails. Boat is yellow, sails white. It's located in Kokomo, Indiana. If interested please email or call 765-457-5997 All reasonable offers will be considered.
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    Omega a "tippy" boat?

    Thanks for the reply. Do you know if there is a difference between the newer Capri's and the 80's Omega's? We had a Sunfish in the past and a Sunbird, both boats we were able to move around, even stand and walk around without getting that, "we're going over" feeling. Our Omega makes us feel...
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    Omega a "tippy" boat?

    My husband and I recently purchased a beautiful little sailboat, Capri Omega. It seemed deeper than alot of small boats, so we assumed it would be very stable. It seems very "tippy" to others feel that way or is it just us? We had read it's a very stable boat, but it sure doesn't...