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    14.2 for sale in OK

    Pics Here are a couple pics. email or call with any questions. Thanks, Sean
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    14.2 for sale in OK

    Waiting for the weather to cooperate for pics. Till then, you can reach me at (405) 618-8332 with any questions. Thanks, Sean
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    14.2 for sale in OK

    Selling my 1984 capri 14.2. Just got it a couple months ago, haven't even had the chance to get it in the water. Its in really good shape. It's got some scuffs and very small dings (like any 25 year old boat) but no major issues. The biggest cosmetic thing is a spot where the rub rail is...
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    Sail Question

    I checked out the sails on my new 14.2 in preparation for putting her in the water this weekend and noticed something odd. The main looks like the original (orange, red, yellow horizontal stripes, c14 logo) and is in good shape. The material doesn't seem worn, no tears, overall good shape...
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    Cutty Cabin of a Mod I

    Good Question I was wondering about this myself. Could I actually cut this out to get at the area under the seats? Does it serve any structural/functional purpose?
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    Pulled the trigger!

    So I decided to go for an 84. It's the red and white one in the classified section. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but after looking at the boat I think it was worth it. I've got an old FJ I was going to fix up, but decided it would be a better idea to spend the money on a good...
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    Used boat question

    New here and looking at a couple 14.2's. Their the same age, and each has it's good and bad points. One of them has "failing foam." Basically the owner has noticed some of the foam going bad and has removed some pieces of it. My question is, how bad is this? Is it a dealbreaker, will it need...