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    Class Approved Sunfish Upgrades (from Vanguard)

    Actually Vangaurds new plastic rudder is the right size and angles. They are making it as big as it used to be, the correct size, so lets all be thankful. :) I am glad to see the plastic rudder personally. When I have $200 to spare I might buy one, but until then I got my wood one that...
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    Cookie Pimp Tired

    love it lol just hold on
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    Class Approved Sunfish Upgrades (from Vanguard)

    The rudder has shrank over the years hold a rudder from 2004 to one from 1975 they are not exactly the same. Some sailors are cutting the board down the center and adding a thin peace to it. The wood rudder is smaller than the legal dimentions that is why most shape their rudder. "It is not the...
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    Pics of my '74 under construction

    This looks very familliar ha done this a time or two with my dad