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    Laser boom vang wanted

    I'm so glad, can you take some photoes of boom vang and send me them?
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    Laser Full, Radial, Trailer, Dolly

    Hallo, can you sell me the boom vang separately?
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    Laser Top Sections and other Spars For Sale

    Hello, do you sell boom vang? If you do, please, contact me:
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    SOLD AT ASKING PRICE 1996 Laser Full Rig Sailboat w dolly & cover. Trailer available

    Hello, I'm intrested in your boom vang. If it is possible, can you sell me the vang separatly?
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    Laser boom vang wanted

    Hello, I'm sailor from Ukraine. I'm looking for laser boom vang in any condition with the cheapest price. I would really like to have the harken boom vang. Please contact me with any offers you have and I'll get back to you asap. Contact Information: