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    My Latest Bargain

    I love my Minifish! But a Minifish would be quite a handful with a Sunfish rig on a even a moderately windy day! BTW, I personally think that the minifish is more fun than a Sunfish when single handed. It is a lot lighter, and more responsive in light wind conditions. If the wind kicks up...
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    Sunfish Identification

    Leave it original, a beautiful piece of nautical history.
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    First Minifish

    Its going to be overpowered with a Sunfish sail. It might work ok in light winds, but it would be quite a handful otherwise! New sails ate just $140. Last time I checked.
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    Older Sunfish sailboat; missing a few parts.

    I have an old sunfish from the 60's that was salvaged from a storm in DE. I have had it for years, planning on rebuilding it, but I gave reached the conclusion that I am never going to have time or energy to do so, and it was cheaper and easier just to buy a used ready to sail boat. Live my...
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    Older Sunfish sailboat; missing a few parts.

    If anyone needs an old rudder or dagger board, let me know!
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    Estate Sale Parts

    I was checking out Craigslist today, and there is a guy on Vermont Craigslist who is selling off the remaining stock of a former Sunfish dealer. He has rudders, centerboards, and a bunch of masts and stuff. I don't know how to forward a craigslist ad, but I found it by going to the Vermont...
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    Overnighter In Sunfish

    Overnighting in a small boat is a blast, and I have done so many times in my canoes. Having said that, I don't think that I would try it in (on?) a Sunfish. It could be done, I suppose, but why? There are a lot of other boats that would be both safer and more practical to sleep on. My canoes...
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    Is this a sunfish; can anyone confirm?

    I should preface the above with "I think." Snark and other similar companies made a LOT of boats, and different companies made versions of the same design, and many of them copied the " Sunfish" basic design. Since Snarks were thought of as "toss away boats" (I remember a friend saving up Kool...
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    Is this a sunfish; can anyone confirm?

    Same as Jetwind. Kransco was acquired by Snark sometime in the 70's, I forget exactly when.
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    Is this a sunfish; can anyone confirm?

    It is indeed a Snark, or a boat made by one of the companies that Snark purchased over the years. It is probably a boat sold as a Sears Jetwind, although it was sold by other retailers with other names. It has a Styrofoam hull covered by a thin layer of plastic. There are several videos on...
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    Pieces parts

    Sure! I am going to be in Maryland for a couple of days, but I will post some pictures of everything next week.
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    Pieces parts

    Sorry about the delayed response. Just got back from my annual OBX vacation. I will try to get a photo posted next week.
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    MiniFish sail colors

    Very cool! I really need a new one rather badly!
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    Puffer ok for 2 100lb dogs (and me!) that love the water and swimming? Load a pup at Overtons, if the link doesn't work.