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    Hull Covers

    I got Intensity's cover at the start of the summer and it's been excellent. The fabric seems good and strong; fits well; ties well.
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    8:1 Vang/Kicker

    You might want to talk with someone at Intensity Sails ( )...I've found them very helpful. BTW, I'm curious about the 3:1 you find it unusable for recreational use? I have the pro model vang/cunningham, which is great for sailing but a...
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    Wind vane mounting

    I just got a Kingfisher wind vane. The on-line stores show it standing up, but I just noticed that a number of photos of lasers racing have it mounted so it's upside-down -- i.e. the extension rod is set so the vane is below the rod. Is the latter more stable?
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    Name for my new Laser?!!

    Dumb question, but for anyone who has actually put the name on your Laser, where do you do it, on the transom or sides? And for letters, do you use regular hardware store stick-ons is there someplace that has more stylish looking letters?
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    Set-up for Quick Rigging

    Thanks, Sidewinder, good ideas. How about the sheet? I'm thinking something like a snatch block at the traveler to save time threading it.
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    Set-up for Quick Rigging

    I just got a used, race-ready Laser that sails great with pro set-up. Sails great, but the boat's main use now is by a range of family members who will go on short spins through the day. The easier it is to get out on the water, the more the boat will be used. Any tips on setting up the...
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    Laser #168238 For Sale! Fast and clean boat.

    Any interest in selling the dolly a la carte?
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    Removing sail numbers

    Thanks for the tips. I tried them all and here's what worked best for me: soaking the back side of the sail with a rag full of Oops (like Goo Gone), which loosened up the glue so I could peel the number off. The sail is more porous than the plastic number, which is why soaking it from the back...
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    Removing sail numbers

    Thanks, Captain. Is there much risk of tearing the sail when I peel off the numbers?
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    Removing sail numbers

    I just picked up a used sail and want to change the numbers. Any tips on removing the old ones? They're standard adhesive stick-ons.
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    reading wind direction

    Look at what's happening to the boats nearby (esp. upwind and ahead), and most importantly at the finest ripples on the top of the water.
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    Radial sail wanted

    Looking for a Radial sail in good condition for practice, not racing.
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    Wanted: Used Radial sail & pole - New England

    Looking for a Radial sail & mast bottom. Pref. used but in decent condition. I can pick up in most parts of New England.
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    Wanted - Used radial sail

    There's one for sale on ebay now... search Laser Radial
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    Stern line for a Laser

    Thanks, all, this is helpful.