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    I'm interested and live in Baltimore. Can you send me more pics? Thanks.
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    American Sail's SunBlazer

    Actually I did ask at these questions at the boat show. Again, the sail type (particularly boom/sail configuration) and hull design on the Sunblazer was more to my liking. Thanks though.
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    American Sail's SunBlazer

    Thanks for the response everyone! I was told that the Sunblazer was less geared for the camp crowd and more along the sunfish style; not quite sure what that meant but I assumed is was less mass production? Idk. Also, the sail is not the sleeve type but just like the sunfish with the rings...
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    American Sail's SunBlazer

    So I saw an American Sail - SunBlazer at the Annapolis sailboat show. Clearly built to compete with the Sunfish but made in USA. Looks like a very well made boat and has the lateen rig as well. About $4K BNIB. Can someone give me the skinny on this boat/builder?
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    Want a Used Boat & Trailer in Baltimore Metro Area

    Good condition and within 75 miles of Baltimore area.