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    Laser Mast Step Replacement - my experience

    Here's a recap of my recent mast step repair using the Diversified Fiberglass kit. I didn't find much online when I was preparing to do this, so thought I'd share. She's seen about 20kts so far and is rock solid.
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    Super stoked for my new sail

    I ordered the radial cut MK II sail from APS 1 month ago, but I haven't recieved it yet because there is a backorder on the battens. At this point, I'd just buy them from somewhere else, where'd you get them?
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    Auto bailer effect on speed

    Does an autobailer significantly effect boat speed? I'm trying to make an old '94 laser competitive (I'm the weakest link, but humor me). It has no autobailer, which doesn't bother me, but curious how important that is. My clumsy search yielded no answers.
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    Most Appropriate Rig Size?

    Thank you Torrid and LaLi, Sounds like having both would be ideal.
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    Most Appropriate Rig Size?

    To piggyback on this thread, I'm 5'7" and 155, and would consider myself reasonably athletic. I'm pretty new to lasers, and just ordered the new mk II radial cut standard sail. My question is, can I be competitive in the standard class (assume I can sail)? I'm gonna race either way, but...