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    Daggerboard Vibration

    There is usually nothing wrong with some good daggerboard hum. It usually happens when you get up to speed, and it's common in a lot of boats.
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    Have Sunfish ... need transporter.
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    APS Sails

    To throw my opinion out there without giving any details... I don't have experience with the APS racing sail, but here is a review of the racing sail made by intensity (a great brand and very affordable as well).
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    splash board

    Here is some good information from the KB and FAQ section of this site regarding how to dry out your hull.
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    Small Rudder Problem

    Well, it doesn't "pop" up, because it doesn't have a spring; It gets pushed up.
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    Best Wetsuit?

    Thanks again for the input guys. Now I have some time to think about the different options :) Tag, I just subscribed to your blog, just wanted to let you know that I really like it.
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    Best Wetsuit?

    Thanks for the input everyone. Matias, I will definitely consider the BOZ wetsuit. I just came across this Gill wetsuit. What do you guys think about it? (The "short arm")
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    Best Wetsuit?

    Hahaha...Great picture! Warmth - air temps. as low as 15 and water temps as low as 40. It doesn't have to be the most flexible suit in the world, but I want it to hold up, so fairly durable. I know that's vague but I don't know anything about wetsuits... I would prefer full, but farmer...
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    Best Wetsuit?

    I know it is still summer, but I want to be ready this year when it gets a little colder :) So, what are the some of the best wetsuits to wear for Sunfish sailing? Preferably under $200, and it's not for anything extreme. -Sailyor
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    Turned Turtle - Stuck in the Muck

    Good information to know, although I hope I never have that problem!
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    1970's Sunfish and trailer

    Sorry for being unclear, I was referring to the model number. I'll send you a PM regarding the price :)
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    1970's Sunfish and trailer

    Also, what is the model of the trailer?
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    1970's Sunfish and trailer

    Are you interested in selling anything individually? If so, how much would you sell the trailer for?
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    Small Rudder Problem

    Thanks guys! It wasn't a wingnut but I found the loose nut and bolt and tightened it. I didn't realize that was all there was to it! I had thought there was a spring at first.
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    accepting sympathy now

    Glad to hear a sailor is back on the water :) Sounds like it was a pretty quick recovery too!