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    By the lee

    A sailfish will plane running in a strong wind, but sailing by the lee is a necessary tool to avoid going swimming. I believe the phenomenon is called "death roll'
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    Spar sets in NY

    Big windstorm some weeks ago dropped a large tree on the garage containing my spars for Sunfish, and Sailfish. Both masts and sails survived, but upper and lower booms are done for. Looking to buy 2 sets of good spars. I'm near Rochester NY, so can come get them in mid or western NY.
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    Sunfish vs. Super Sailfish

    The Sailfish may do better in very light air, and planes easily directly downwind. It's much narrower than a Sunfish, and is much more of a balancing act. The one time I had both in the water, it was pretty windy, and the Sunfish was a good deal faster and more controllable than the Sailfish.
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    Sailfish rudder conversion

    If the Sailfish rudder is set up properly, it will trip or release when grounding. I usually had mine adjusted so pulling up on the tiller would release it. Useful in weedy water. Only had it out in brisk wind a few times. The rudder never gave me trouble. Upgrading is possible, but the...
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    Newbie ?s

    I prefer cam buckle straps over ratchets. They are quicker, and easy to snug up, but hard to over tighten.
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    1959 vs. 1960 Alcort Sailfish Identifier?

    Not a great picture, but there you go.
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    1959 vs. 1960 Alcort Sailfish Identifier?

    He has the pin. Just needs the chain. Easy to make if your hardware store has brass chain. I will see if I can post a pic.
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    1959 vs. 1960 Alcort Sailfish Identifier?

    Early production fiberglass Sailfish did not have the aluminum rub rail. The serial # was stamped on the bronze deck plate before they started putting it on the Alcort deck tag.
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    Sunfish weight capacity & boom height issue

    The 1957 brochure lists a hull weight of 135lbs. and crew capacity of 460lbs. for the wooden Sunfish.
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    Block on boom placement

    I had 2 sets of spars handy to measure. 1st goes to a pre AMF, fiberglass Sailfish. From interlocking eyebolt to center of block eyestrap is 74.5", and 60" between centers to the block eyestrap on the tail end. 2nd set goes to a 74 Sunfish. 67.5 to the first block, and 58.5 between centers to...
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    Sunfish Timeline Items

    They were still using the deck block in '74
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    Daggerboard Questions

    A sailfish daggerboard is about 30" overall. The shadow board is about 43" Just happened to have both in the same room with a tape measure. :)
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    Alcort Sailfish parts for sale

    The Sailfish parts listed will not fit a 77 Sunfish.
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    Early fiberglass Sailfish

    Boat had to weigh close to 300 pounds last spring when I got it. Waited until a nice day in October to cut some ports in it. Hull is thinner than I expected. It's less than 1/10th inch. Don't put your port where I did. There is a reinforcement bonded under the deck, that runs through this...
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    Which would you rather have? 2 Sailfish, or a '60 Vette??

    I have 2 sailfish. We can make a deal. ;)