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    Halyard height

    People that race a sunfish set their hailyard around 106 inches from where the black cap meets the upper spar. This keeps the sail low to the deck however, which is good for racing, for reasons stated above, but if you are just sailing around, it might be better if you moved the halyard down a...
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    New race sail

    As Alan said, if you want a class legal one, no, you have to pay that price. But if you just want a race sail for club racing, you could get a cheaper one, but you cant use it at a world qualifier.
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    I tend not to point with most people, in any boat, but my speed is usually a little better to make up for it. It would be that most people had their goose neck further forward, which would cause them to point a little higher. Also sailing it flatter will allow you to point higher, as has been...
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    Sail Cips vs Sail Ties

    I wont use sail clips anymore. When I had them it was very hard to adjust the sail. Sail ties allow for much easier movement of the sail along the spar.
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    Bunch or Fold a new sail

    Sorry for the typo, I meant "Be careful around the window, try NOT to put creases in it"
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    Bunch or Fold a new sail

    What most people do is to roll the sail up to the spars and then tie it up with the halyard, or I use small bungees. If you lay the spars on top of each other so the sail is in half, then you just roll that up to the spars. Be careful around the window, try to to put creases in the window...
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    sunfish dolly

    Sorry, it posted it twice.
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    sunfish dolly

    All I would say is be careful with that one. I know there have been dollies in the past that have used the centerboard trunk, and I've heard about it cracking the fiberglass and causing leaks. I don't know how much pressure this one will put on the trunk because it looks like it has other...
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    Sunfish Juniors finally have an International Event

    Just out of curiosity, why was the event planned for early September, when the juniors are in school? I love the idea of having an international junior event, but in the US (where I think most of the sailors will come from) we will all be in school, or most of us, and because of that the...
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    2008 NY Upstate Regionals NOR

    You were correct 2.1. should now read, "The top, not yet qualified, sailor in the regatta will be invited to the 2009 World Championship." I have also fixed the NOR on the Canoe Club's website which is where this link takes you. I will also email the web master of the ISCA site with the...
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    2008 NY Upstate Regionals NOR

    I believe you are correct. I will look into that and change it if needed. I think that last years Regional quilified you for the 2008 worlds. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    2008 NY Upstate Regionals NOR

    Hey guys, we have the NOR for the Upstate regionals at the Rochester Canoe Club. Heres the link for it Hope to see you there!
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    Help! - Pro vs Standard

    If I were you I would get the pro model. Even if you are not racing right away, the window is a really nice thing to have, even though I think, I'm not sure, you can get it in a rec sail, but I don't believe that the rec model comes with a hiking strap, which is a really useful thing in the...
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    How far from your sailing site do you live?

    I am 19 Miles from my sailing club. It takes about 25 minutes to get there, but its well worth it
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    Where has the summer and water gone?

    At my sailing club we also sail Thistles which we launch off of a small hoist. When the water of Lake Ontario went down that much we couldn't even get them into the water. We ended up putting them down onto the ground and people would pick it up and carry it to the water. I hope its back to...