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    Seitech Dolly (or similar) wanted.

    Looking for a cheap Seitech launching dolly (or similar) for Laser or other small dinghy. I'm based in West Los Angeles so SoCal location preferred. Nick -
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    Laser 2 Wanted

    Laser 2 wanted in the southwest (Los Angeles area). Can be any condition as projects are my specialty! 805-368-1050 or
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    2007 Laser Pro (Full rig) in SoCal

    This Boat Is Now Sold. Thank You For The Interest.
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    2007 Laser Pro (Full rig) in SoCal

    If I knew how to post photos, I would! Please email me (at your email address and I will send some photos through to you... Nick
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    2007 Laser Pro (Full rig) in SoCal

    2007 Laser with Pro package and full rig, #187772 (hull #OQTI7772H607). Red/white hull color scheme. 2007 Seitech launching Dolly. Everything used just 6 times and garage-stored. Very good condition. Standard Vanguard specification with a few minor upgrades (mylar mast step shims, Rooster...
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    Racing Laser (Full Rig) Wanted

    Looking for Laser with Full rig. Preferably #170,000+ but all ages considered. However, it must be in exceptional condition. racing upgrades (control system, tiller, hiking stick, Seitech dolly, trailer, covers, etc) welcome but not mandatory.