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    Overnighter In Sunfish

    Sunfish Skipper Tells of Voyage 1,700 Miles Along the East Coast
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    fiberglass daggerboard and squall line

    Lafayette Mike The first roll tack you do with the new board and the boat does not side slip after the tack, like it does with the wood board you will be sold.
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    Tacking angle

    That type of sail may not have the best shape. Im used to a race sail which is fuller and can sail 45 degrees off the wind.
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    Picked up a Sunfish need a few repairs before she can see the water

    I would air test it. If it doesn't leak, go sailing, you can fix it in the fall
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    Sunfish Coaming

    Go for it. I would want my sunfish as waterproof as possible, you will never get a airtight seal. There is foam in the back of boat you would have to remove which is structural. When sailing in waves they roll over the back of the boat. Tiller handle is going to be very high up off the deck.
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    Roll tacking a Sunfish

    Not taking my link. Go to youtube put in Jefftackingsunfish
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    Roll tacking a Sunfish

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    Sunfish Coaming

    The new cockpit is wider which is nice, but the old ones were stronger around the edges. Pre-hiking strap you could stick your feet under the lip to hike. The glass was thicker and the trim helped. The new boats the edge is much thinner and prone to cracking even in the somewhat raised area even...
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    Refinishing rudder, tiller and daggerboard this weekend

    What brand epoxy are you using to have it heat up that much?
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    Barn find. Should I?

    That boat is pre 71. 71 had the 3 stripes on the front and the storage compartment was in the cockpit.
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    AMF Sunfish drying and storage

    hrgrail - When you raised the boat did you hear water move? Does the area you have the boat in freeze?
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    Quick Sail Dropping

    TriniSailor - Alan is correct. Also, when you have the sail raised you are running the halyard through the fairlead (pulley) depending on the year, then to the cleat, this keeps the sail tied to the boat. If you vang take the remaining halyard and run it through the fairlead over the gooseneck...
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    The tiller extension on my 69 sf

    JohnCT is correct. When you sail you should be at the front of the cockpit. Sunfish now have hiking straps which you can add. Your 69 has just an extension bolted to the extension. Putting an new extension with a universal, sitting in the front you will find beneficial especially when hiking out...
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    Getting ready to start repair

    Happens to all of us. The back port you will cut into the wood that supports the rudder bracket. You just might need a longer blade on the back section. The wood is a a couple of inches wide and an inch thick.