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    Seeking: old version Silva 103 Racing Compass

    Hi Lali, I will keep your contact in case I can't locate any close to me. Thank you!
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    Bowers Campaign Sails and Aussie Spars

    Hi, How much are you asking for the top section and what's shipping to Calif? Thanks.
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    Seeking: old version Silva 103 Racing Compass

    I am looking for the Silva 103 Racing Compass in the older version. Not the current 2 color version. Please reply with condition, pictures and asking price. Thank you.
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    Australian Top Section, new in 2015 excellent condition.

    No but within driving distance. Thanks.
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    New Blades for sale 200/Rudder 350/Centerboard both for 500

    Interested in a complete set. Still available?
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    Laser Sails

    Ok. I will pay you via Paypal. What is the email address to send payment? Thanks.
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    Laser Sails

    Hi, Interested in the new Radial sail. Is it Hyde or North sail? How much shipping to 92663? Thanks.
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    New/used sails, new blades, laser parts for sale

    Hi, Do you have the Harken Deck Cleat? Price and shipping charge to 92663 pls. Thanks.
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    BRAND NEW Laser parts 15% off or more

    Hi, How much is the center board shipped to 92663? Thanks.
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    *Brand New* Rudder & Centerboard 2013

    Hi, is the boom still available? are the blocks Harken ball bearing? Thanks.
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    Laser 4.7 Mast Lower Section for sale

    Yes. Please send your contact info to my email:
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    Laser 4.7 Mast Lower Section for sale

    Hi all, Have a 4.7 lower section for sale. In very good condition. Located in Newport Beach, CA Can ship or arrange for local pick up. Brand new retail $305. Asking $195.
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    Laser 4.7 Sail & Mast for Sale

    Hi, Are you willing to sell the sail separately? How much? Thanks, Lily