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    2009 Laser for sale!!!! many extras!!!! 4000$

    2009 Laser Full Rig sail # 192950 -Brand New Hull(used maybe 6 times) -top, and bottom covers -brand new full rig setup(bottom section, Top section, Boom) -New full rig sail(used 1 regatta), New full rig practise sail(isail), also a few radial sails. -New rudder, centerboard -acne carbon...
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    How to get money sailing

    First of all you are as cocky as it gets, second of all high school sailing is a joke, third of all you werent skippering at that regatta stop kidding yourself, and lastly people would probably pay you not to sail with them.
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    Slightly used FULL RIG LASER SAIL

    hello i am interested in the sail. I am from cal yacht club and need a practise sail please email me at
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    FOR SALE: New 2008 Laser with Full Rig

    Hello, I am very interested in your boat please email me at with more info and if you have photos that would be great. Thanks, Ryan
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    Lasers for sale

    I am interested in some of the gear. Please email me at thank you
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    2004 Full Laser Radial Package $3,400

    im interested in pictures. email them to me at
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    Can Lasers handle Lake Michigan?

    I am from Southern California and i sail my laser out in the open ocean where there is 35 knt winds and 15 ft waves and my boat is 20 years old...
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    Weight problems

    thanks guys i really appretiate the help. i think i might move to a full rig(our regattas are usually out in the ocean in waves)
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    Weight problems

    I weigh 175 pounds and am 5 feet 4 inches tall, so i am a pretty chubby guy. I am currently sailing a radial but in light wind i get crushed. I feel like i should move to full rigs but dont think i am tall enough to hike down the boat.:mad:
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    a fight about a bowline

    I hate Bowlines. They just get in the way and if they get in the water they create drag . No good laser sailor uses a bowline.
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    2002 Laser Radial Special Edition White

    would you sell the radial race sail only ?
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    Laser Radial Sail

    I am interested in a new laser radial race sail.
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    Radial Sail - Very good Condition

    i am interested
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    Laser Radial Sail

    I am in need of a new laser radial race sail. Must be race legal and must be new
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    laser parts, sails, blades, spars and accesories for sale

    can you send pictures of all the radial sails you have?