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    Blue Nylon spar bag

    I'll take it. How do ou want to take care of this. Give me your mailing address and I can send a check or if you take paypal I can go ahead and do that. Thanks, Ryan Hamm 843-766-0261 work number if you need to call me. Ryan Hamm 987 Breakwater Court Charleston, SC 29412
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    Blue Nylon spar bag

    how old is it and do you have any idea what the shipping to Charleston, SC would be. Thanks, Ryan
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    Daggerboard/Rudder padded cover

    is the woden one or the other one that is not wooden?
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    Looking for a decent used racing sail

    Anyone got a used racing sail in decent shape or a new one for sale that they have no use for.
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    When are the 2006 Worlds?

    Charleston, South Carolina, USA on the East Coast.
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    Sunfish hiking technique

    Can you tell me how to make a hiking bench. Sounds like it would be easy but not sure where to start.
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    When are the 2006 Worlds?

    I think I figured it out. Oct 1 to Oct 6 is what I saw somewhere.
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    When are the 2006 Worlds?

    What are the dates for the 2006 Worlds in Charleston, SC
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    Neil Pryde or North????

    Just a quick note. If you are really looking for rec sails, check out e-bay. Someone is always selling brand new ones for a pretty good deal. Very rarely a racing sail comes up but the rec ones often. Just type sunfish sail in the search area. Not sure how gret a deal but every bit helps...
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    Neil Pryde or North????

    I am not sure which is which. I use North only and if you are racing you don't want a rec sail anyway. Get a North Racing sail cause everyone I race against uses them. I now you can buy cheap sails that work from a few places but not class legal. Hope this helps, Ryan :rolleyes:
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    Gooseneck positioning

    david loring, past world champion or us champ and all around good sailor told me that he never brings it back past the 17 mark and prefers even closer. of course if you're light that is probably different. i carry mine 15 to 17(17 being pretty damn windy. :cool:
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    sunfish rack system for our yacht club

    our club is looking for a rack system to hold 6 to 8 boats and not take up much space. does anyone have a design that would work for us. :cool: