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    470 Questions

    I rely heavily on telltales to trim the sails. The sails I have don’t have telltales (they never did). I believe these can be purchased in the form of stickers. Where is the ideal mounting location? Are all telltales the same? (I don’t want to buy ones that are too heavy).
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Whereabouts are you? The L2 linked above is missing a few components, but its cheap. If you have the rest of the other L2, you have enough 'boat' to have one complete/solid L2.
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    470 Questions

    Having never used a spinnaker before, I went to a (free) workshop where instructors were outlining the basics of setting, tuning, trimming, jibing, and taking down the spinnaker. Everything was taught on a Thistle, which we later went and sailed and actually flew the spin. One of the crucial...
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    Vanguard 470 Parts

    What happened to the sails? (I know they aren't considered "hardware," but it seems like this hull has nothing left.)
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    I hate this thing.

    Went to the club a few days ago, except there was no wind. None.:confused: Coach had us rig all the 420s “in case the wind picked up”. It’s a 1/4 mile walk to the docks, so the coach said he’d have a “suprize” for us back at the clubhouse when we returned. This was the “suprize”: It’s...
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    Looking for advice on a used Capri...

    Well, it definitely cracked right where it ought too, being a high stress area. I imagine that since the crack is near the mast, there should be some type of structural component (probably glass wood glass sandwich). If the wood were rotted, I would suspect that area to be soft, but since I only...
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    Googling "Sunfish"...

    Poor Sunfish has been turned into a table. Rest in piece!
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    470 Questions

    Went sailing today for the first time in a few months... air water combined temperatures: 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Ordered myself a drysuit :D. I also noticed that my gloves and boots weren’t all that helpful in keeping warm in and water out... once my drysuit arrives, will normal rubber boots and...
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    470 Questions

    So, the coach wants us on boats as soon as the ice thaws :eek:. Do you have any suggestions for dry suits? Or proper equipment for cold (air water combination of 100 farenheight).
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    1973 International Vanguard 470

    I have a few photos of the intended rigging of my 470. Morin, 1970s
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    Moving the sails in the sky to go around the world

    Found this on the web :D
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    The SailingForums Joke Section

    What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? ... Yarg thinks it be thy “R”, but t’is actually thy “sea”. :D
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    Moving the sails in the sky to go around the world

    Cool idea :cool:. Just ask these guys :D. Or you could have a small rig for getting in and out of harbor, then fly your wing once your in open waters, which is where this kind of boat would sail anyways. If you want speed, I would recommend a planing hull that gets out of the water. The...
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    The Sailing Forums Pet Thread

    Neither are “swimmers”, the fluffy one sinks like a rock :confused:.
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    470 Questions

    Yes, they are indeed “college” equipped. However, they do race with spinnaker and trapeze in the summer within the fleet. I have to ask about coaching, or trainers next.