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    where do you keep your boat?

    I have a boat tied to a buoy on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN. No need to clean the boat once a week or paint the bottom. Wherever a boat is you should be able to access it easily and often. Sail Safe. BV
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    Boat Cover 1988

    We just bought this. The cover is badly torn and needs replacement. Anyone have an idea as to the cost who we could go to for the best deal?
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    Center Board & Bungy Cord

    Center Board Picture of Crack This is a very small crack but in the wrong place. Any ideas how to repair? Glue or some kind of metal bracket? Looking for advice. Thanks
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    Center Board & Bungy Cord

    Thank You for your reply
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    Center Board & Bungy Cord

    My wife and I just bought a 1988 14.2 Capri last weekend. We were out for the third time sailing today. First we noticed there is a crack at the top of the centerboard where the clamp is affixed to pull it up. I removed the center board and it's cracked just at the very tip through the...