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    AMF Hilu

    Since I sold my Hilu, I haven't been following the subject on forums, but still get occasional emails from owners who find my website. I just stumbled on this thread and added Jake's name. Now there are 13 on my list. If anyone wants the list I can email it, but would rather not post the...
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    Overhaul of 2 old sunfish....

    I used regular garden hose to replace mine. It works great but you need a nose piece to finish the job. I took mine from a junk Mutineer. You can see photos of how I did this on my website: Ralph
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    Alcort Hilu for sale

    Few of the HiLus were made and there are not many left. I have one and know of two others, one in Germany! I have pictures of mine on my website: Ralph
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    Looking for a used sunfish

    Check my website: Ralph
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    HILU Alcort AMF

    I bought a HiLu last week, so I know there are at three in existence! Photos: Ralph