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    Slightly soft side deck

    Just found this thread... Interested in knowing how the project went. Triple Threat - how did it come out? I noticed the Laser I bought this summer has a soft area much like what is described here. So many other things to do in life that I'd rather not tackle this repair but I may have to...
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    Seitech Dolly questions

    Thanks for the information and dimensions! So it looks like I need 16" more length. I've done some searching for the extrusions in the past but had not found any cost effective solutions. I did find while searching today and they seem to stock a bunch of 1.5" rounded edge with...
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    Seitech Dolly questions

    I have a Seitech dolly from a Laser Pico that I want to use for a regular Laser but the center line assembly is too short. I measured the existing center line aluminum tubes and they measure 36 and 40" long. Can anyone tell me what the lengths of the Laser center line tubes are? Looks like...
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    PLEASE help guys !

    This is a forum for a sailboat named "Laser". They've been around since about 1971.
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    compact oar storage?

    Timely post. I have to get out to open water between some 100'+ docks so I need some means of locomotion also. Pulling the rudder up part way and wagging it only works so well when the winds blowing on shore. Great to learn about the Praddle. Intensity had the best price that I found so I...
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    bailer removal

    I just replaced mine with the Natos brand and was wondering why it appeared too long. I was going to sand it to fit. Based on the posts above I now know that sanding it to fit is the right thing to do. Thanks!
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    Sail material to repair Laser sail

    I need a small amount of sail material (Dacron?) to repair a Laser sail. I'm not sure what weight material is used for the Laser? I need a piece about 12" x 12" to repair the mast sleeve near the top of the sail. I also need some thread, while I'm fishing. If anyone has some to sell let me...
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    Newbie questions on hull condition, setup and replacement parts

    I just thought of one more thing... When looking into the dagger board hole when the boat is upside down I see some type of filler between the deck and hull seam. It looks like some of the material has pulled away from the hull section of the dagger board well. I'm not sure if it goes all the...
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    Top Cover Wanted

    gibsmith- I might be interested. Can you give me more information? Is this OEM Laser? Can you send or post an image? I don't see that we can send private messages like on other forum sites. Thanks
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    Newbie questions on hull condition, setup and replacement parts

    I recently bought an '86 Laser and I have a couple questions about it... Some questions about its condition 1, Deck- The hull seemed good when I was looking at it but after I got it home I started looking at it a little closer and noticed that one side of the deck where you sit is a little soft...
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    Dolly Tire Replacement?

    A bunch of videos on YouTube for seating a tire with starter fluid. Here's one: I've never tried it but a couple of the guys I work with say they've done it successfully
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    What substrates are Lasers constructed of?

    Thanks VooDoo. That's helpful information.
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    What substrates are Lasers constructed of?

    Another question... What are the blades made of? I just bought the boat I mentioned in my first post and since the paint has worn off the leading edge of the dagger board I'd like to paint it. The material doesn't look like wood. It almost looks like foam. How should I prep and paint this...
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    What substrates are Lasers constructed of?

    Thanks for the information and great images! It helps me out immensely and puts my mind at ease that this boat should be in good condition 'all up in there'.
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    What substrates are Lasers constructed of?

    Been searching and I can't find the answer... Is there a plywood structure under the deck on the Laser? I ask because I've been looking at a Laser that has been stored upside down in a garage for most of its life. The owner says its not been sailed much, maybe a few times a year. If there...