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    Have you named your boat?

    We have not named our boat yet, although my better half said he has a name, but it's a surprise. We are going to trailer it from NY to my sisters in Florida to put the finishing touches on it, then the name will be placed. I just hope he doesn't name it something like "Rock's Bottom":confused:
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    Are ya Sirius?

    Are ya Sirius?
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    Nother Newby

    Greetings, First time posting and I put my intro on the general thread. Sorry. ( It wasn't a proper intro anyway) I'm going to be living on a 21 foot sailboat soon, and I've never sailed. My "Captain" tells me not to tell people that. If you've seen the movie "Waterworld", there is a scene...
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    Hello, We just purchased a Sirius 21 and picked her up on July 4th...Independence ironic! Hoping to leave NY as soon as everything is liquidated and heading South (Florida/NC). We have been looking for a Pearson Wanderer, but settled for smaller in lieu of waiting. We will be living on...