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    Laser cleaning

    It's called revive power paste
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    Laser cleaning

    It's a non acidic one though . Your able to rub it on your hands and it doesn't burn
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    Laser cleaning

    It was a paste cleaner for getting hard dirt off ovens
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    Laser cleaning

    I recently used a grime cleaner to remove some marks on my hull . Is it okay to use ?
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    Optimum time series 3 " Big yellow one" VS 2016 Gill race watch timer

    I'm having some trouble trying to decide between these two watches . I sail dinghy and im just a bit unsure which one would help me the most . Any opinions would be great appreciated
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    Friction pad

    i recently bought a new laser friction pad and im a bit unsure about the most effective way to replace it . Would some be able to help me ?