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    The Phantom sailboat is back!

    I agree with L&VW. From the pics you posted this is not terminal damage. Over the years we've repaired whitewater 'glass canoes & kayaks broken in half, lengthened a 'glass guideboat by inserting a 2' section, done tons of fiberglass puncture & tear repairs, etc etc. If it's made of fiberglass...
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    Sunfish transportation tips and advice.

    Obviously re-axled. I'd like the axle to be moved more symmetrically under the trailer (plus add fenders as Beldar notes). I would check axle alignment ( to be sure the trailer tracks straight). I'd also double check axle mountings to the frame, plus (of course) check the bearings for noise and...
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    Sunfish spar specs

    See: Sunfish Spars & Components Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Mast: Finish: Clear Anodized Length: 10' (3.05 m) OD: 2-1/4" (57.15 mm) Wall Thickness: .083" (2.11 mm) Spars: Finish: Clear Anodized Length: 13' 8" (4.17 m) OD 1-1/2" (38.1 mm) Wall Thickness: .065" (1.65 mm)
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    Rudder Pivot Point “improvement”

    No need to chase tubing or bushings. Drill an oversize hole, fill with thickened epoxy, redrill for rudder bolt.
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    Anyone use these on a Sunfish

    Boy, I think I'd just stick with your current expando plug in the DePersia. The Elvstrom needs a fair-sized hole in a pretty flat part of the hull that's also out of the way, but still convenient to reach--bit of a PITA all the way around in the small Sunfish cockpit. If used a lot the gaskets...
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    Anyone use these on a Sunfish

    Elvstrom-style bailers work pretty well (better, I think, then the plastic Sunfish bailers), but can be a pain to step on with bare feet. If the boat is slid over beach/grass/dock/trailer bunk/whatever they're prone to damage if not securely closed.
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    Replacement Bailer Balls

    "Old Style" plastic bailer - pre 1973 Part# 91025 (complete) - thread cap is 1-5/16" deep "New Style" plastic bailer - post 1973 Part# 91026 (complete) - thread cap is 1-3/16" deep Replacement bailer balls Part# 91031 (for 5 pack) - balls are 5/8" diameter
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    Bent boom.

    To expand on what beldar boathead suggests: Remember that when aluminum is crimped like this the aluminum work-hardens in the area of the crimp, and that area becomes more brittle than the rest of the spar. I would not try to remove the crimp or straighten this spar (= more bending & more...
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    Bent boom.

    Yes to what BB said....
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    Coaming (splash guard)

    Tri-grip pop rivets don't need backing washers, & have quite good tensile strength. See typical shear/tensile specs here: There is lots of choice in head profile, shank diameter, & grip range (length). Many NASCAR...
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    Coaming (splash guard)

    Fill the old hole with your choice of polyester/epoxy goop, then redrill and fasten with tri-grip pop rivets. These rivets resist pullout well & install with a regular pop rivet tool:
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    Bathroom scale

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    Phantom rudder question

    Don't know if there was a rudder clip; pics of Phantom/Pointer 14 vs Sunfish (Wayne was a great resource): Phantom Rudder/Tiller
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    Beaten up Sunfish

    "If it's made of fiberglass it's repairable" -- in theory -- but put this boat out of its misery.
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    Beaten up Sunfish

    If it's made of fiberglass it's repairable. etc etc etc....