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    Tasmanian sailors

    Are there any generous tasmanian laser sailors here that can give me some information on how to hire a boat and other sailing equipments. Since I moved here to study 2 years ago I have not sailed a laser and im cant wait to get back on the water. :)
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    Zhik products

    apparently there was some bug in their system and they were not receiving the orders, plus the sales@zhik email box was full and all the emails were bouncing back. I called them, and they discovered the problem. So mu stuffs will get here by Tuesday, finally.
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    Zhik products

    Has anyone had any troubles purchasing products online from the zhik website? I placed an order ten days ago but it has not arrived yet. Plus the email they gave for enquiries in not working and the phone contact number for the head office they gave in Australia on their website is a hospitals...
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    Zhik products

    Hello, I was just wandering if any of you guys have actually made an online purchase of the zhik products via their website. Ive recently purchased the zhik boots and vest at its been about two weeks now and i still have not recieved my order. Im in Aus so delevery time should be...