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    C14.2 Hull #?

    hull number vs. sail number Can someone explain the significance of the hull number vs. the sail number. Are they supposed to be the same? I recently purchased a mod 1, and the hull number on the metal plate on the transom is different than the sail number. Is this an issue? Should I change the...
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    Want teak door to storage area

    Cuddy door Actually, the plexi cuddy door was really easy to make. I just bought a piece of 1/4" thick plexi from a home improvement store, and cut it to size with a jigsaw. I drilled a hole for a cabinet lock, and added a handle. The whole process couldn't have taken more than an hour. If I...
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    New Feature: Map of C14 Sailors

    Unable to load map I have not been able to load the map. Is there something wrong with the web page, or is it a browser setting? Has anyone else experienced problems with this?
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    Centerboard from 1998 mod 3 for sale

    That sounds great. I'm definitely interested. My centerboard is in bad shape, and I could really use a newer one.
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    Centerboard from 1998 mod 3 for sale

    Do you have a photo of it, and will the centerboard or the boat have to be modified at all to fit into a mod1?
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    Want teak door to storage area

    Teak Door Replacement I have a 1988 Mod 1, that was missing the cuddy door. I made a replacement door out of a piece of 1/4" plexiglass. The top of the door sits in a groove in the underside of the teak rail at the top of the opening. I made a latch for the bottom out of a cabinet door lock. I...
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    Can you identify this sail

    I recently purchased a 1988 Capri 14.2, and it came with two jibs. The first one is a quantum jib. The second one is considerably smaller, with two battens, and is made out of an odd clear plastic material with woven threads. Does anyone know what this sail is used for, and what it is made of? I...