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    Boat Identification numbers

    Yes, the boat has enclosed foredeck with a small hatch directly in front of the mast. the mast attaches to a bracket on the cockpit sole, not like the newer versions. The hatch is in the TOP of the foredeck, not into the side. It flips up and provides a small storage compartment. I was...
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    Catalina 8: info please

    my browser is not showing a photo. could you post a link to the photo. I am able to retrieve the photos from the link i posted, but don't see any from your post. you now have my curiosity up. Not a PRAM? 8' sailing vessel. I have seen a few, but not Catalina models.
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    Catalina 8: info please

    The 8' Pram made by Catalina was a copy of a boat called the Naples Sabot. Catalina originally started this boat as a do-it-yourself plywood rig, but converted it to fiberglass. You can find a bundle of information by searching US SABOT, then add Catalina boats, if you want. below is a link...
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    Boat Identification numbers

    Hi. Just need to know what boat i have. I its a Capri, not Catalina, OMEGA, with the omega on the main sail. The hull identification has a Plate listing Capri as the Builder. in California, forgot which city, think same address as Catalina. The PLATE has 2 stamped numbers. Model Number...
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    Wanted:  Capri Omega mast foot

    My Capri 14 is missing the mast foot connector. there is apparently a block of somekind the screws into the foot with a couple of slots for adjusting forward, backward seating. Mine is gone. Was going to fabricate a part that would be suitable, but i would buy one if it could be found. This...
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    Omega 14 owners manual

    The original rigging for the OMEGA 14 only had a hold-down line for the centerboard. To RAISE the board you need to add a block behind the mast and another jam cleat on the starboard side of the boat, opposite the one that is used as the board hold-down. you attach a line to the forward top of...