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    Help me identify these parts; may belong to a Sailfish?

    How much do you want for the sailfish parts?
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    Bow Handle Removal

    Set the hull upside down on a set of saw horses before you remove the screws, that way the block will not fall into the hull.
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    To wash out the inside of the hull or not?

    I know this was posted a while back but have you weighed your boat? I am willing to bet the foam has gotten waterlogged over the past 43 years which is the reason it is so humid in there. The best way to fix that problem is to put it in the garage this winter and hang a 40 watt incandescent...
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    Strap eye installation

    Or set the boat upside down on saw horses and let gravity keep the backing blocks in place when you remove the screws.
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    Help me I.D. these parts

    Yep, looks like someone bought the plastic gudgeon and fabricated a rudder blade and daggerboard to their own design.
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    Selling my 1963 Sunfish

    Join the club, I get threatened with bodily harm every time I drag another project boat home.
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    1970's sunfish project

    When you replace the bow handle set the boat upside down on a set of saw horses before you unscrew the old one, and install the new one with it upside down, that way if the wood backing block has come loose from the under side of the deck it won't fall down into the hull. Same deal if you are...
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    Help. Amateur Repair

    After you get the water that is sloshing around drained out weigh the hull. If it has that much water in it the foam has probably soaked some of it up and it will be heavy.
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    Gelcoat vs. Painting

    Yes, I wet sanded between coats with a 3M 220 sanding sponge. It has two coats of the primer and two coats of topside.
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    Worth it?

    No, not really looking for a boat I already have too many but $80 for a 2002 Sunfish hull is just too good of a deal to pass up, especially since one of my friends recently gave me the rudder, daggerboard, spars, coaming, and a sail off his fish that a tree fell on during hurricane Sandy. I was...
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    Worth it?

    I noticed you are in VA, do you know if this Sunfish hull is still for sale?
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    Gelcoat vs. Painting

    Paint it. This is a 1978 Sunfish hull I painted with Rustoleum topside Oyster white (rolled and tipped) over the Rustoleum high build primer. If you put a couple of coats of high build primer on it those tiny spider cracks will disappear.
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    Looking at this Sunfish; thoughts?

    In the first picture it looks like it may have some gelcoat damage possibly a hole in the hull along the chine just above the trailer fender. Not a problem to fix if you know how to work with fiberglass but if you take it to a boat yard to have it fixed it will cost you more $$$ than the whole...
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    Disadvantage of the snap clip on the mainsheet

    I bought one of those things from Intensity and the mainsheet came loose EVERY SINGLE TIME I went sailing. The gate spring just is not strong enough for that application. I found a bronze one that looks like the original that came with Sunfishes back in the 1970s at the local hardware store and...
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    Really nice wood Sunfish on Craigslist (not mine)

    Just saw this on Craigslist, It is a deal and I would buy it, IF I had room for it in my garage. I thought I would post it here in case someone is looking for one.