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    How do you paddle a Capri 14.2?

    MM: Try paddling from the side, and shift weight to keep boat fairly level. With 2, use 2 paddles and paddle one on each side, while also trying to keep rudder in proper position. If 2 only has 1 paddle, let the front paddle while the back steers. Single-handed is harder so I use a bungee...
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    Installing a Tiller Tamer, few questions...

    I tried EddieB's shock cord solution (one of the replys below) last weekend. It works pretty well, but I find that a shok cord attached between the tiller (attached to a small line tied at point of tiller extension) and the Barney Post to be a bit better in holding a course as I go forward to...
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    JIB Halyard

    Take end of halyard down around the cleat and back up then thread thru the block and bring end back down thru the cam cleat to secure the halyard. That gives you a quick and easy way to make fine adjustments to jib tension. You know, strong wind fairly tight jib, light wind kind of loose. RK
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    Mast Question

    The sleeve was buttressed on both ends, one side of yours is badly worn, the other is near perfect. The only potential problem I see is if wear continues you will eventually start eroding the aluminum mast hole. RK
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    Mast Question

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    Storage question

    bdh: Yes, I would want to support the hull if it were mine. Might want to check out other folks' trailers to see where support is. Besides a dolly, I twice have seen catamarans rolled across sand on inflatable rubber tubes which I suppose could also act as support when stored. RK
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    APS Mast Float Bag

    Ceej: That float looks interesting. Probbay could easily make your own using a swimmer's "noodle". I use a noodle sometimes on my c-14.2 in a way that might work for you too. Bend the noodle into a semicircle, then fasten ends with a small line, and then attach at top of mast. I used the...
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    Cap on top of mast of 14.2

    Co4: Need to seal inside the mast with expandable foam below the halyard turning block to lower chance of turtling when capsizing. A cap above the block seems rather inconsequential especially if using the boat as a trailer boat mosst of the time. RK
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    Centerboard trunk sealant

    Leak Look Wonder if you might find the leak or maybe eliminate some suspects by filling bilge with water while its on the trailer, then look for dripping or seeping leaks coming out of the bilge? RK
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    Humming Centerboard

    Hum Cut off a small bit of the gasket that was torn, and now there is no hum on Tomato Sloop. RK
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    Sail touches shroud on a run

    That's normal. From what I have seen, jibs usually crack their windows or get blown out of shape before they ever tear where they rub the shrouds or the spreader tips. Suppose if they ever do show excessive wear there before you want to replace the jib, you could reinforce. RK
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    Performing Gybe with Whisker Pole, single-handed.

    Main problem is keeping boat going straight downwind while performing the task. I use a small bungee attached between tiller and Barney Post to help, and steer a bit by moving weight appropriately (wt to starboard makes it move to port and vice versa). So move yourself forward, unclip jibsheet...
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    Humming Centerboard

    Hum In good winds, I also get a hum from the centerboard area. Pretty sure it is the plastic in the gasket that kind of seals off the water from the cockpit. My gasket is old and has a few tears, which I think oscillate causing unwanted drag when trying to keep up with the fleet.. I see...
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    Tips for New Single Hander

    Single Handing Working the jib sheets is not too difficult, and yes a tiller extension helps and for performance you need to sit up near the Barney Post which makes tacking a little difficult. I usually pass behind it but sometimes in front during the tacking manuver. Biggest problem is you...
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    Capri 14.2... a Day Sailer or a Dinghy?

    Dinghy Day Sailer My copy of Chapman's "Piloting" defines a dinghy as "A small boat used as a tender, the term is also used for a small racing sailboat". That seems to fit my Capri 14.2 since we race and I almost always sail it during daylight, so both apply. RK