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    Laser Inspection Port Placement

    Just something to check, probably too late now but maybe good for others. The last laser I did a port on had loose air tanks. I cut the hole using a power jig saw and just missed cutting through one. Next time I do it I'll tip the boat on it's stern first so they slide away from the mast area.
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    Is injecting foam in mast & boom for buoyancy a good idea?

    Standard rig lasers are easy to right and do not turtle quickly, as you go to Radial and 4.7 rigs because the mast is shorter they turtle much quicker. All of out club lasers have a 2L botttle at the top of the mast and this prevents all the problems. We sail on shallow muddy water and a stuck...
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    Centreboard Friction Pad - New or Old Design?

    These new brakes look like poor option. Badly designed, obviously the manufacturer has not bothered to do his research properly. I look after 4 club lasers and we have the old brakes and have not got any issues, the boards do not float up much, about 2" in a blow, but as we tend to raise the...
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    Need to tighten rudder bolt

    The bigger bolt is just easier to adjust, you can get a wrench on it and adjust it without problems. Much easier than the original plastic bushed thing. It's also just a 10mm stainless bolt as found all over the place. When I do it, I buy an 80mm bolt which has an unthreaded portion of the...
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    Laser II: Replace missing main halyard cleat?

    Yeah, well I didn't think it would work either, there are two ways of doing the tiller extension. I have a double one, but if you sheet off the boom and are careful with the extension length you can use a singled ended one as it will go forwards under the boom. A friend lent me an adjustable one...
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    Laser 2 jib halyard jammed

    One thing to do is to take out the pulleys where they are riveted into the mast, you can then get a bit of a look at what's inside.
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    Laser II: Replace missing main halyard cleat?

    British Laser 2 class still has some good videos on youtube Most useful one is about how to rig the traveller correctly, it makes a huge difference. BTW you can sail the L2 from the trapeeze without the jib, it like a poor man's Contender, great boat.
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    Would it be possible for me to sail this distance?

    Hi Vinnie, there is a thread on this site called "Long Distance Laser Sailing" It might be useful. Personally I'm sure it would be fine to do it. You would just have to do your weather and current research. As you will be having a Rib along the risk will be low. Looks like the main risk would...
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    Are the cunningham fairlead and clamcleat through bolted?

    Putting in a hatch is easy and thru bolting on an older boat a good idea. On my 1978 one I had the cunningham on really tight (it has the original rig) and was landing on a lee shore in about 15mph, undid the mainsheet, blowing in nicely and as the boom swung around over the front of the boat it...
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    What size inspection port?

    "Inspection ports not exceeding 153 mm internal diameter may be installed on the deck or in the cockpit to provide access to the hull cavity, provided that any inspection port is fitted with watertight threaded covers (any bayonet mounted parts are deemed to be not threaded). Storage receptacles...
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    Hatch position

    I've replaced the fairlead that pulled out and I thought I'd post a few pics as it might help or encourage others to do the job. My boat is 1978 and has the plastic polythene tanks for buoyancy. Fortunately my jig saw missed cutting through one, so if I was to do it again I would put the boat...
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    Inspections Ports

    This is a picture of an untouched mast step on a 1978 Laser
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    Hatch position

    Looks like a good solid repair, nice picture. Really helpfull
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    Hatch position

    Thanks, I didn't know how wide the stiffener is. Good advice about the mast step