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    UV Cover for Roller Furling Jib?

    Some years ago I put a roller furling jig on my jib. Not thinking, I promptly left my jib on until, this past year, the leach was starting to disintegrate. A local sailmaker sewed on a strip of sunbrella that when furled, should protect the sail from further damage. However I've noticed...
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    Converting to roller furling

    When I converted mine, I didn't have to do much of anything. It's been awhile, but this is what I remember: I took the hanks off. I was expecting to have to put a new wire in the jib, but the one there was fine. You'll have to move the tension adjuster from the tack of the jib up to the...
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    Sail Trim questions

    Sailed for 6 hours yesterday. Gave me a lot of time to wonder about trim. Realized I didn't know much about downwind. Anyone who can answer, please do. When you're on a reach, does it make any sense to use the whisker pole to flatten the jib and make it more of an airfoil? When you're...
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    whisker pole

    I can see how this would actually be easier to use--clipping to the taut thin line seems like a piece of cake. But I have a couple of questions What knot do you use to attach the thin line to the middle of the jib sheet? How thin? And aren't you worried about snapping it?
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    How much line is needed for mainsheet?

    Sorry. It was late. And maybe I was a sheet to the wind when I wrote it Still, it's good advice if you're talking halyards.
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    motorized trailer puller?

    I found a solution that was embarassing, and low tech. I re-inflated my tires. And all of a sudden, the boat is easy to pull. Doh!
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    Furler control line tie off

    I'm curious to know, also. I'm not sure partially furling really works. Every time I've tried it, the wind has grabbed the sail and forced it to unfurl most of the way anyway. If there were a way to stiffen the stay so it didn't twist, that might work.
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    How much line is needed for mainsheet?

    Personally, I'd add another six inches to what the manual says. It lets you tie both ends of the halyard together through the cleat when the sail is off. That way you won't lose the ends if you're trying to raise the sail in a blow.
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    Reefing test

    I want to second the value of reefing. I had mine put in last year for about $75. Right up under the batten. Hadn't had much chance to use it until this past weekend. The wind was around 25-30. Spray flying off the waves. Really churning. Sailed with just the main, reefed. And it was a...
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    whisker pole

    Another in my ongoing series of stupid questions. How do you clip the whisker pole to the jib. The jib sheet takes up all the room in the clew.
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    too many cleats?

    Okay, i've been sailing my boat for a couple years now, and I'm still not sure I do everything right. Actually, I'm pretty sure I do a lot wrong. One thing that puzzles me: seems like there's one jam cleat too many on the mast. Or maybe I'm missing a line. Starboard cleat: main...
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    motorized trailer puller?

    Every time I sail, I have to pull my trailer by hand about 500 yards out ot the end of the pier. It's reasonably flat, but still fairly exhausting. The yacht club has some nice little hand trucks with trailer balls on them. I'm looking to make up a motorized version of the same thing...
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    rotting plywood?

    Good explanation. It makes a lot of sense, and I like the design. Look forward to the pics.
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    Furler control line tie off

    I'm Han Solo mostly too, and it never occurred to me to bring it any further aft than the mast. I'm usually sitting near the jib car and it's within reach. I'm not sure you'd need to bring it into the cabin at all.
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    Centerboard - problem keeping it down !

    My boat is old enough that not only is the bungee weak, the clips on both ends have come off. Just as well. I tied one end to the centerboard with a bowline, ran the bungee around the barney post just beneath the swivel, and then tied it back on itself with a rolling hitch. That way I can...