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    Heart Rate Monitor

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    Olympic status

    None of the builders had the foresight to grab an old Laser mould out of the backyard and present a 32kg epoxy sandwich Laser with a newly developed rig at the upcoming trials. It would have been a serious contender.
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    Something inside my Laser hull

    My seventies Laser had large Styrofoam blocks inside the hull, neatly packaged in plastic film so they would not soak up 5 litres of water before the dealer got his money.
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    Many compass watches allowed under 22(d) have a heart rate monitor connection function as well and thus make it possible to illegally check heart rate while racing. Maybe one should not take off his rash vest under the watchful eye of the Executive Secretary Emeritus ;)
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    Sorry, hope this works:
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    Does rule 22 allow the use of a heart rate monitor during racing? (Watch Kontides interview at 00:44 and 03:24.)
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    Softly, Softly

    True, the youngsters are the future of our sport. But they need and deserve "real sport", not some watered down version so their folks can go wine tasting. Funny, there is a famous and very demanding mountain bike race over four days in our area every year. Start at 7 in the morning, then...
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    Softly, Softly

    Some race organisers take an increasingly soft approach in running Laser events. I just had such an experience at our last State Championship with six races planned over a long weekend. Not only was the start time set at 1400 during the peak UV exposure but also at a time when traditionally no...
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    Where to buy national letters for laser sail?

    The Star class had a system of "districts" which did not care about national boundaries, at least in Europe, and some sailors in the class even developed "District Pride". Very refreshing in an increasingly nationalistic world.
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    Mark II Standard Sail

    We just had our Western Australian State Championship in very light winds (up to 10 knots) and the Mark II performed very well. Most master sailors, except me, had the new sail and I was definitely underpowered going upwind. Downwind I did not notice much difference. The problems with the Mark...
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    New design Standard Sail

    And here:
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    New design Standard Sail

    See, see... Pre order the ALL NEW RADIAL CUT STANDARD LASER SAIL now ! View this email in your browser THE NEW LASER STD SAIL IS COMING ! Pre order the all new radial cut STD Laser sail now. Officially launching on November 1st 2015 and class legal for all AUS regattas except for Sail...
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    New design Standard Sail

    Does anyone have experience with the new standard sail? Will it be only dis-allowed in World-Cup events, Worlds and Olympics? What about Masters Worlds?
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    All about to kick off....

    Thats what the Torch is all about. Old guys kikkking ass. On ya Bruce
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    Osmosis in a new Laser?

    Why not ship a container load of Lasers from Europe or the US to Australia? The high Ozzy dollar would make this a worthwhile proposition. Funnily this does not happen, rather the other way around. Why?